Building A Family

Building A Family

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“I was a non-traditional student pursuing my nursing degree at a local community college. When I wasn’t studying, I was a mother, juggling cooking, cleaning, reading, and preparing my children for their classes. It was very difficult, but it was our only way out of poverty.”

“Then I was referred to the B.A.B.E.S., Inc. Women’s Minds project that offered safe and free childcare while I attended class. My mind was at ease knowing my child was being taken care of, served a home-cooked meal, and academically enriched. As a result, I was able to study, attend class, join study groups, and successfully graduate with my practical nursing license.

When my children needed help in school, I discovered that B.A.B.E.S., Inc. offered a program called Thinking Cap. My children were mentored, tutored, provided homework assistance, and challenged academically. This was a new beginning of molding my children into successful human beings.

All through this time, B.A.B.E.S., Inc. offered personal hygiene care packages, regardless of income, race, or personal situation. There were no probing questions asked, and as a result, I was able to put money aside for emergencies.

Once my nursing degree was finished, my family continued to utilize Thinking Cap and Respite Care so I could care for myself knowing my children were in a safe, loving, and academically stimulating environment. I knew I could confide in the supportive team members at B.A.B.E.S., Inc.

Today, I participate in the new Strengthening Families Program. This program is unique and helps parents develop their teaching abilities and improve communication. I love this program because we share real-life stories, we laugh, and build meaningful connections with other parents and our facilitator. In appreciation, our family volunteers with B.A.B.E.S., Inc. as much as possible.”